Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Annoying someone?

This term we have been learning to write a speech. We were learning to get a good structure and use all the language devices like onomatopoeia,vivid verbs,idioms and repetition.  I also needed to write something to connect with the audience. I think I went well because I was able to think of good ideas and really good vivid verbs. I was able to use parts of structure but lacked balance, connection or flow. When we were presenting I got really nervous but when it was not that hard because I actually know everyone in my class.
                                    Click here to listen to my speech or read it below


Has one of your toys ever  been  broken by an unknown person before? It was borrowed and never returned, and you might have a clue who did it but you don't know for sure? It can make you feel quite mad and annoyed. 

You know how I feel. Well you may not know but it really makes my blood really boil.
Picture this, you go to the store and you find these very nice shoes and try them on but they are too small and they are the only pairs there. So, you tell mum that they are too small. So Mum says  “Lidia ,do you want to try them on?“sure mum” says Lidia, and of course they perfectly fit her.   Then, once we buy them she starts bragging and she starts saying things like” hey Mum, do these shoes look nice on me?” “Sure they do honey”.  But, worst of all they have to say it right in front of me, and it really drives me up the wall. Or, you are all dressed up in your clothes and your sister walks in wearing the  exact same thing as you. Or worse, you and your sister have a fight and your parents always believe your sister because she's younger.  Do people annoy you?  Maybe your friends or maybe some of your family?  There is always someone that is annoying.  It could be your mum or  your dad. Well for me, it is my little sister. 

I was walking downstairs all happ.  I go and ask mum, and I say, “hey mum……  wait! stop! What do i see out of the corner of my eye?  My little sister wearing my top that I wanted to wear.  There I am, sitting in the corner of my room very, very, annoyed and quite angry as well.  In fact, steam was coming out of my ears.  Until mum called out: “kids do you want some juice?”  “Yes Mum”, Lidia and I both say at the same time.  “Ok, says mum “it's sitting on the bench here for you guys”. We run both at the same time. We clutched our hands on the same glass of juice.  And what happens?  It spills everywhere on one of my fanciest and best shirt and I didn't even say she could wear it.  Stop stop stop !!!!  It really drives me to fury.  And this is one of the worst.  I go out to find my scooter. I can’t find find it, so i go onto the street to see if I left it on the street, and I found my scooter.  But there is one reality.  My sister was on it. No no no!  I go and tell mum and she believes Lidia.
All those things ruffle my feathers. 

To all of you people out there with sibling if you be kind to them they will act the same way back.  Let them play with your toys, it won’t harm it. Might even stop them from bothering you all the time.

That’s what I am going to do. After all, I love my sister.  She is one of the best and nicest people I know.

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  1. I loved your speech Sophia. And I really enjoyed listening to the recording of it. Well done!