Friday, 8 July 2016


Have you came from a place where  everything is different?  Maybe you have to pack a lunch and go sit down on the cold dump concrete, where at your old school you would have sat at tables and had your lunch taken to you?  Sometimes, new people get welcomed nicely, but some people get prejudged as well.

Prejudice is where you judged  or have an opinion on people, for example if someone is tall people might think they play basketball.  People can judge basically anything. Most people have been judged by how they look , where they used to live, how much money they have and all sorts of things but people don't like to be judged.  Prejudging is not ok because people feel offended and like they don't fit in.

We interviewed many immigrants so we could find some information for what we can do to make immigrants feel more welcome. We found out information about how people felt included when they moved here. I interviewed my dad and this is what happened he arrived in New Zealand: he made friends immediately and they smiled, talked, then those friends of his invited him to their houses, and suddenly they were really good friends. He didn't feel excluded or alienated.

We have been interviewing to see if people have been prejudged. We interviewed Ms K. She was been prejudged because people were asking her where she was from and she would say Iran and those people would move away from her. Some said she must have bombs in her lunchbox and that everyone was going to die. She felt prejudged. When her sister asked for a cup of tea on camp (instead of milo), the adults said no kids can’t have tea only adults.

When we interviewed my dad he gave us some tips on what we can do to make immigrants feel more included:
Start a conversation with them 
Invite for a play 
Tour of the school or around the neighbourhood
Be nice
It is important to include immigrants because that will actually make people feel welcome and know that when they come to New Zealand they will feel included not excluded. In the future people will love coming to New Zealand and it will make them want to stay in New Zealand forever.


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  1. Well Sophia, I really enjoyed reading your blog about prejudice. It is very informative and full of good ideas on how to include anyone who might feel different or excluded. It is always good to put yourself in someone else's shoes to understand how they are living. A great piece of work, well done!!