Thursday, 14 April 2016

Term 1 learning

This term I have been learning how about the elements of music.  We have been making soundscapes  based on our poems. I have used body percussion to make a the sounds for example I was rubbing my hands together to make the sound of the grass. I think my soundscape is multistructural because I was deeply thinking about the sound and if that actually sounded right. I asked people “Do you think that sounds like the bees?”

I wrote a poem ‘Where does my heart lie?’ and that place was Kaikoura. I rubbed my hands together to make the sound of grass and to make the sound of flax whacking together in the wind I clapped really lightly. To make the sound of water I was tapping on the table. For the sound of bees I used a box of coins jand I slowly tipped the box up and down.


Where the grass spreads
around me swaying in the wind  
and makes me itchy.
Where the harakeke
waves to me
as I walk  down the gravel path.

Where the bees swim around in the air
buzzing, talking to me
and the bell birds tweet, singing a song .

Where waves in the river
crash against each other,
having a fight.

Where the flowers
lay around me 
making me sneeze.

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