Monday, 14 March 2016

Creepy house poem

I look up

and see the house
towering over me.

There are people
in the corner
pretending they are not there.
They look as if they are spying on me

There is a lady In the window
so still
she looks like statue.

The stormy clouds
swirl around
in the sky, howling at me

The Snow
on the ground
is so cold it burns.

What is the lady doing?
Is she just a statue?
Does she notice the 2 people in the corner?


In this poem I have been learning to use similes and metaphors.
I think my poem is multistructural because I have similes and metaphors but I can't get the feeling Want.

My next step is to get more relational ideas in my poem.


  1. good job sophia.
    i like the bit when you said "its so cold it burns" i can connect because i go skiing and then we go home and have hot chocolate.
    great job:)

  2. Sophia I'm loving your blog. I see you are working very hard to get a great message to everyone. Love it. Nana xxx