Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Theme park

It was a bright sunny day but it wasn't any normal day, we were going to a theme park. The day before we had been to Wet and Wild,  but today we were going to Movie World. I liked Wet and Wild but I knew this would be better.

When we arrived at Movie World, straight in front of me was a ginormous ride. It  went straight up and down like someone jumping up and down on a trampoline. I would call it Drop of Terror. Then we had to, of course, wait in a line to get in. When we finally entered, I was amazed by what it looked like because I really didn't expect fountains everywhere. There were shows going on on outdoor stages all around.   Lots of shops were scattered through the area and, of course, different rides in the distance. We went to kids area first but I stopped at the candy store even though I knew I wouldn't get any candy.

Fountains gurgled and people were screaming on rides with excitement and fear. We walked into the gate of the first ride. It looked like a tiny airplane on a rail. Lily and I hopped into the cart together. The cart in front of us was going click click like the sound of horses’ hooves  and people in front were chattering and screaming.  

It helped me get over my fears a little bit, because I went on some scary rides that I thought I was never going to survive. 

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