Saturday, 12 September 2015

Scooby doo ride

I rush over to the ride and slowly walked into Creepy castle where the ride was. I was feeling terrified. What’s going to happen? What if the cart falls off the coaster? I might throw up, how embarrassing!
Then I realise I am nearly at the front of the line. Oh no...I am scared. I'm not sure I want to do this. Wait, but I can hear something… It's music.. creepy music. I know I am scared, but I am taking a risk and I don't think I should  ruin it for myself. Plus I will be alone if I go out of the castle.
A few minutes later we are at the front of the line and it was our turn next. I screamed. I took a step into the cart and sat down. The car zoomed off in a wink. Twist, twist, twist, twist, around about one thousand corners. I nearly threw up.
"Calm down Sophia, calm down" I said to myself. So I took a deep breath and swallowed. My mouth tasted like soap. Anyway we carried on with the ride it got more and more creepy every metre we went. I Knew something bad would happen then I screamed.
Is it over? Is it over? What was that? We dropped backwards. I am never doing this again. I think I am going to throw up in the coaster. We went back a bit and turned around, and started twisting like crazy. Then we finally went straight.
Wow, that was a bit creepy we went down like a swooping magpie swooping magpie with axes swinging on top of us. We ducked down, and it happened to be exactly when the photo was.
The ride soon finished.  I was relieved. After that ride my sister Lydia was terrified. She didn't want to go on any other rides after that, and she had to go to the bathroom.
A few minutes later we were lining up for another ride and she was so frightened she had to stay out of the ride with my dad. So Lily, Theo, Birgitte and myself lined up in a ride that we soon found out was closed. So we were waiting in the line for nothing! My dad was so happy that he didn't miss out on the ride after all.
I begged my dad to do the throwing game where you have to try throwing the rings onto the bottle and surprisingly he said yes. So we tried very hard to get a ring on a bottle, but sadly we ran out and got no rings on the bottles. So we didn't win a prize but at least we got a free hat because you get a hat full of rings and you got to keep the hat after.
We went and had a look at the other rides but we were not tall enough to go on the other rides so we went home.

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