Monday, 21 September 2015

My speech

Did you ever have to  go through with something you didn't want to do but it payed off in the long run? For example you really don't want to tidy your room but then you love the tidy feeling when it's done.  Or like when you know you have to start doing homework  but don't want to but  then you have free time to relax afterwards? Or maybe you grazed your knee and there were stones and dirt in it. You had to go to the doctor, but you knew it would be fine after it even though it hurt. Sometimes it’s worth the pain, to have the gain. And this was pain alright.

It was four thirty one summer afternoon and I was  relaxing in the lounge, (Obviously I had finished my homework).  It was the weekend and I had just been  doing my usual jobs until mum said we had to go to the hospital. The pain suddenly flowed  through my throat.  The moment had come. I was saying to myself  no no I don't want to do this. I asked mum " will they put me to sleep?" But she just replied "probably".  I hoped they would. I didn't want to feel any pain. Imagine being awake for that! 
We hopped into the car and started driving towards the  dreaded building. Every metre   we went I felt more pain run through my throat.   It was about 5 more minutes until we got to the Hospital.   My nose was all blocked and I could hardly breath. I walked in with mum.

I stood there right in the middle of the long white corridor. It smelt like plastic rubber, just like doctor's rubber gloves. We had to wait in a line, the pain in my throat was continuing to grow.  I mean I was a bit excited to get them out, because I knew there would be less pain.
We finally arrived at the front desk and the lady said '"how can I help?" Mum said we have an appointment  for getting tonsils out. 
Before I knew it I was in the operation room.  It was a shock to see how big the operating theatre was.  There were huge machines in the middle of the room.  Somebody in a uniform handed me a breathing mask.  I was surprised because I didn't know what this was for .  The doctors asked  "What flavour breathing mask  do you want, strawberry  or chocolate?"  I chose strawberry because I thought the smell of chocolate would be too strong . They handed it to me,  they hooked it on to some sort of pipe that connected to one of the big machines.  A man told me to start breathing into the mask so I started breathing.   I started to yawn and I fell asleep.   I didn't really know what they were  doing to me thank goodness because luckily I went to sleep. 
It was about an hour until they woke me up .  I asked mum what they  did.  She didn't really reply.  All she said was calm down and relax .   I said I can't, so  the doctor put the bed so I could  sit up. The doctor brought me  some ice cream and jelly.  The boy in the room beside me who just got his tonsils out also got cookies .  Apparently he felt better than I did.   I rested for a while,  then we went out into the waiting room and the doctor gave a certificate for surviving getting my tonsils  out and we left. They hurt!!!  But I knew I would get better soon.

And I did get better. I no longer had to have days off school from infected tonsils or stay in bed the whole day.  So remember, you sometimes have go through with something you don’t want to but, it pays off in the long run. It was worth every second of pain because now days my throat don't hurt anymore.

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