Saturday, 12 September 2015

My lip

I went to bed, lying calmly until I heard laughing in my sisters room. So I got up and and raced into her room.

“What are you doing?" I said.

“We are sliding on the beanbag on the bed. Do you want to join in?” I said yes, so I did.

She was with my step sister Lily in her room, and I was with one of my friends. I hopped up onto my sisters bed and so did my friend Grace. We got all in place and then they pushed us down. We started moving down then I felt the bean bag start going faster. I was on the bean bag with grace. Grace went straight forwards then my lip banged against the drawers with a boom.

I screamed started bleeding. The pain was immediate and excruciating. I didn't know what is was. I raced out to my mum, crying. My mum said it was quite deep. I said “What is it?” She said it was a cut. I didn't believe her, so I went and looked in the mirror.

It was true. My lip was split open. I was terrified.  I had never been hurt so badly before. I really didn't want to go to the hospital. I said to mum

“Please can I not go to the hospital?” but she said I might have to. My mum called her friend called Danny on the phone but he didn't answer. I was scared. He would have been the only one I trusted.

Then my mum called her friend. Luckily he answered and came home. While me and mum were gone he was looking after all the other kids. He kept the taxi at home then me and mum hopped into his Taxi and it went to 24 hours surgery. We sat down and called my dad and  we told  him all about it. He came immediately .

3 hours later...

The doctor finally called us into the doctor's room. We had been sitting too long and my body was stiff. After a while I arrived at the doctor's room. My heart was beating fast like a jet plane on full speed. I slowly hopped onto the bed  feeling  worried and afraid. The doctor gave me a lollipop and told me I would be fine. He got all his special tools he needed and had a look.

He suddenly said “this is quite bad, you might have to have plastic surgery.” I didn't know what that was. The doctor said I had to go to the hospital. We had to call our flatmate and she came fast. We hopped into her car and drove to the hospital. Again, we had to wait but this time it wasn’t as long and that was good. But I knew it was going to be more painful than it was before

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