Monday, 20 July 2015

Poroporoaki reflection

This term we have been learning about Maori rituals and their importance. We went to a powhiri to learn more about what it was. 

At the start of the year I was completely stuck and didn't know what the teachers were talking about so I was prestructural, because that meant I didn't understand and enjoy participating in a Maori ritual. 

After we had been to  the powhiri I felt more multistructural which means I understood and enjoyed participating in many parts of a Maori ritual.  I enjoyed going to the powhiri at Willowbank.

Then we did a little bit more work on Powhiri and I improved a lot because I moved up to extended abstract, which means I act as a role model for others to help understand and enjoy participating in many parts of Maori ritual. 

Here is our audio link to our performances and explanations of our learning:here is our link

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