Tuesday, 23 June 2015

River writing

There are lots of different  waterways  in Christchurch. Some are natural and some are artificial. Here is a natural one: the Otakaro River.

Christchurch’s Waterways
Ground water connects to springs because the water pops out of the ground and  becomes a waterway. Springs are connected to waterways because  the springs pop out of the ground and make a stream or river.
Our Local River Ecosystems
In a river ecosystem different  creatures rely on other habits to survive.  For example, the pukeko rely on vegetation  because they can eat it. The shade from vegetation  connects to  the  water temperature because  certain   invertebrates like the water cooler, rather than warmer.

River Heath
There are lots of different interactors that show whether a river ecosystem is healthy or not.
It depends on the  number and type  of macro invertebrates. In a healthy river  there would be  good macro invertebrates  like a  mayfly larvae or  stone fly or  damselfly. In a unhealthy river there would be only snails and slugs and worms.   Water temperature is another indicator. In a healthy river, the  water temperature would be under 15 degrees. In a unhealthy  river the water temperature  would be over  15 degrees. Algae is another indicator. A good  layer of algae would be very thin and a unhealthy layer would be very thick.

Testing our streams
In class we visited  different  streams, creeks, lakes and ponds. We tested the health of the river ecosystem. We used a  clarity tube  to see how clear the water was and if  it has  bad stuff in the river. We also used a trd which is also known as a sieve on a stick we used it to get the invertebrates and check what kind of invertebrates were in  the river to check if the river healthy or not.  We used a riparian habitat survey to find out the health of the river by assessing  the  streamflow, how stable the stream bank is and how much algae and a few other things.

Our findings

We found that  Dudley Creek wasn't  excellent but it was good. The shade over the stream was a fair amount because only about a quarter of the stream has shade on it . The algae in the  river  is  very thin  because a very thin layer of algae  is good and it provides food to invertebrates. The stream  flow  is fair  because  it is not too fast or not flowing  it is just flowing medium. And the stream bank is  fair, because  there is only some plants to stop erosion.

The validity of this test  is affected by the fact that people had different results on the river some people  got  poor fair  good very good  excellent.

Suggested changes :
  • It could be better and  we could plant some plants for more shade
  • Or we could  get  some wood and  make  the stream bank more stable
  • Get some more stones for rapids and riffles

Kaitiakitanga is a maori  way of saying keep the stream and and environment clean for future generations  because there is rubbish every where and it is bad for the environment.

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