Thursday, 14 May 2015

Autumn poem

Autumn comes fast to Waimairi school

No more hats or swimming pools

But a gardener makes the most of the sunny Autumn day,

as a chainsaw roars somewhere far away

And my feet slide through the scattered leaves

And the temperature drops and I want long sleeves

And people are playing in the leaves

And people are staying inside

trying their best to hide.

Autumn comes fast to Waimairi school

No more hats or swimming pools.


  1. When you say long sleeves it reminds me how I love wearing long sleeves at winter and autumn.

  2. Your piece of writing is fantastic Sophia, it really evokes an emotion of cold and warm at the same time. You really make a picture in clear in my head great work Sophia.
    From Azaria

  3. Wow what a amazing poem Sophia!
    This is one of my favourite poems that you have written.I miss the swimming pool in winter but not the hats.I love how you describe the temperature of the season. I sometimes want to wear long sleeves on cold day's.I love jumping in the leaf piles.
    Well done Sophia I really enjoy your story's and poems.

  4. Wow Sophia! This peice of writing really painted a picture in my mind. I like how you said" my feet slide though the scattered leaves." I really describes how your feet moved.
    Keep up the great work