Monday, 30 March 2015

High Ropes

There I was sitting listening  to instructions and not knowing what to do. I looked up I thought “Am I going to fall?" I knew this is going to turn out badly. I can't do this. (Big breath). Ok be brave Sophia, be brave. I took a big breath and nervously walked over. I said to myself “I can do this, I am here, taking a risk. I chose this, so I can do it.”

After a few people had their turn, it was my turn. The rope got hooked onto my harness and I slowly started to inch up the ladder. I felt like screaming, but I didn't. First it would be embarrassing. Second my hand would probably slip and it would also be embarrassing and no doubt I would fall. Anyway I kept slowly creeping across the rope.  

Whoooaaa! Suddenly a big gust of wind came past. Wow this is not going to turn out great,  I can tell.  I finally I got to the end of the rope, where I had to choose whether I was going to keep going higher or come down. I choose to go down. I slowly started to lift my foot off the rope and slowly started to drop down. It started to rain so sadly we had to go back to our cabin. But I was tired anyway.

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