Wednesday, 26 October 2016


The roses went brown as they lay on the 
As the damp leaves lay next to them. 
Is this place good enough will they find me first?
Stay still don't move a sole.

The footsteps of people, sprinting around, in the leaves, as 
 the teachers  count ….99….
And the bushes hold their breath.
We wonder, if the footsteps were the teachers, 
or someone, trying to find somewhere to hide, 
Don't breathe, keep hushed.

“Found you,” yells the teacher 
She's close, as the bushes are holding their breath. 
Is she yelling at me, or someone else. 
Turns out it isn't me.
The sun goes into shadow, 
there is the teacher.
 Don't talk, don't even whisper.

Foot spots stroll through
The bark, as I quickly tuck my feet in
the bushes and I hold my breath, as 
A friend whispers “she's coming.”
This time, I mean it, stay still don't move.

Spot you Sophia!
My friend mutters,
“She found us, we are doomed.”
Now, I can uncurl and return, over
to the damp grass

Thursday, 22 September 2016


We read an article about a fleet of research waka which spent two years criss crossing the Pacific ocean, observing rubbish in the Pacific Ocean. They noticed that if they found rubbish in the ocean, it usually meant they were getting close to land.  Because of this, we infer that most rubbish in the ocean comes from land. 

We wondered if the rubbish in our playground might have a similar trend.   We decided, before lunch on Wednesday last week, to go and find out. 

We split the school into 12 sections on a map.  Each section had a group of ️scientist (us!) to make observations and inferences.

We put a red dot on the map wherever we found a piece of rubbish and collected all the rubbish.  
After lunch we went back, and noted with a blue dot, any new rubbish found in our area.  We also collected this rubbish.   This is our map, showing where we found rubbish, both times.

We also classified the rubbish we found into types of rubbish and displayed this into this graph.  

Our observations and inferences:  

The red dots on the map show that we found most of the rubbish in places that were sheltered. We think this is because the wind will push it all into the bushes.

We think this might be because the wind has blown rubbish left on the ground by students into the bushes where it has been trapped.  The spikes on the bushes help to trap the rubbish.  Some children might hide their rubbish under buildings at lunchtimes. Some people might be throwing the rubbish over fences too.  Rubbish gets blown from the field into the ditch and can’t be blown out again. 
We need to improve on this because we want to have a better environment because if we just leave rubbish around it will take ages to break up.
We recall that most of the rubbish is around bushes. Why you must ask? Well it's probably because it starts off on the ground and drifts away into the bushes or people are either lazy and aren't bothered to put their rubbish in their lunchbox.        

We think that some certain areas attract more rubbish that others, like Te puna they hardly have any rubbish ( that's probably because they haven't learnt off us hopefully they don't) . The most rubbish was around the bins and in the bushes  the most type of rubbish we got is plastic wrap and we found a lot of that. 

There could be some problems with our data because we didn't do the dots under the buildings and there is heaps of rubbish under the buildings around the school. We couldn't go under the buildings because of safety issues.
The wind might impact this as rubbish would fall out of their pockets and then the wind would spread the rubbish throughout the whole school.

We have learnt that some of the children that play on the playground not all of them but after they have finished eating they can't be bothered to put the rubbish in the bin because they are probably  playing a game or just don't want to so they drop it on the ground and other people don't pick it up.  We probably need bins very close to the playground so then they want to use them.


After we made these observations and inferences, we were left with questions as to why people in our school failed to put their rubbish in the bins! Why does so much end up back around the school after one break time? Maybe it is falling out of people's pockets? Perhaps it's the winds fault? Or maybe the students of Waimairi school are dropping it on purpose?

Since then, we have recorded how rubbish was dropped at morning tea and lunch. Basically, we spied on the school! We, as scientists, have completed an investigation into why rubbish is ending up on the ground. On Thursday the 18th of August, we went out at morning tea and lunchtime to make observations of you all, collecting data to find out how rubbish gets on the ground.

We split up into 12 groups. At morning tea we spread ourselves around the whole school to observe. At lunchtime we spread the 12 groups around the lunch eating areas and observed what happened to the rubbish. 
We have made inferences from our observations and here is what we found:



At morning tea time, Waimairi school dropped 205 pieces of rubbish. That's 2 out of 5 people on average who dropped rubbish. 110 pieces of rubbish were dropped on purpose, which is more than half of the rubbish we observed being dropped. We also saw 46 pieces of rubbish dropped without the person realising that they had dropped it, often as they were walking.We also saw rubbish being dropped from pockets.

The places we found that rubbish had been dropped the most, were the Te Puna block, the walkway down to Ara Atu and the playground behind room 13. We think this might be because people playing in these areas may not understand why it is important to put rubbish in the bin. We also inferred that since there's big bushes at Ara Atu, people think they can hide their rubbish there.

Also, there is no rubbish bin in sight of the playground in these areas, so people lazily drop it instead. We think that most people do this because they think that they can hide it, or can get away with dropping it, even when they know it is wrong. And they do get away with it! Why don't people take a little walk over to the bin to put their rubbish where it belongs? 



At lunchtime, 219 pieces of rubbish were dropped throughout the school JUST during lunch eating time. That's 2 out of every 5 people in the school on average. that is a large amount of people to be dropping rubbish.
From what we saw, 79 pieces of rubbish were dropped on purpose, and 44 were left where people were eating. 

Just like at morning tea time, we think that around the school most of the people drop the rubbish because there's not enough rubbish bins around. Although there are already some bins, there only a few, and sometimes not in the best places. 
We also think that some children might not be able to reach the bins because we observed the bins are quite a bit taller than some junior children. Younger students also may not understand why it is bad to leave rubbish on the ground.

We could maybe get more and smaller bins to show others that bins are valued around the school but we think most of the kids already know about why we shouldn't  drop rubbish - because it will cause lots of problems for the animals in our environment and make our school look messy.

We spotted some differences between Morning Tea and Lunchtime. At lunch-eating time, more pieces of rubbish were dropped than the whole of morning tea time, even though morning tea is longer than lunch eating time. We think that more rubbish was dropped at lunch because more food is eaten at lunchtime and there would be a bigger chance of rubbish flying out of their lunchboxes. Lunch food is also more likely to have wrappers. However we also inferred that people might deliberately litter so that they don’t get in trouble for walking to the bin - as we are not allowed to stand up during lunch eating time.

Under the classroom is also a common place to put rubbish. But the reason  that people drop rubbish there is because they think no one will notice. But we did! But if you think that you get away with it, then you are wrong because we see rubbish everywhere, even in sneaky places where people will think you can't see it.

Overall, 424 pieces of rubbish were dropped in the 45 minutes we were observing that day. That’s almost one piece of rubbish per person. If nobody ever picks this rubbish up, then by the end of the week there would be 2120 pieces of rubbish floating around the school.  Many people dropped their rubbish on purpose, but also accidentally, leaving it where they ate or hiding it.

We think if we all work together our school can be cleaner by just simply walking  to the bin, because just doing a simple thing like that will help to make a big difference. But we also think that during lunch eating time we should be allowed to stand up to walk to the bin to put our rubbish in it. We will be discussing this with the teachers. This means people will be less likely to throw it in the bushes, under the buildings, leave it where they were eating or just throw it on the ground.

We also plan to write to the board of trustees to see if we can have more bins built permanently into the areas that we’ve observed to gather the most rubbish. We also need bins that are the right size for younger kids as well.

So what is the most important thing for you to remember from today? Do not drop rubbish on purpose. It’s pretty simple.  Please walk the few metres to the bins, otherwise we will all be swimming in a pool of rubbish.


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Annoying someone?

This term we have been learning to write a speech. We were learning to get a good structure and use all the language devices like onomatopoeia,vivid verbs,idioms and repetition.  I also needed to write something to connect with the audience. I think I went well because I was able to think of good ideas and really good vivid verbs. I was able to use parts of structure but lacked balance, connection or flow. When we were presenting I got really nervous but when it was not that hard because I actually know everyone in my class.
                                    Click here to listen to my speech or read it below


Has one of your toys ever  been  broken by an unknown person before? It was borrowed and never returned, and you might have a clue who did it but you don't know for sure? It can make you feel quite mad and annoyed. 

You know how I feel. Well you may not know but it really makes my blood really boil.
Picture this, you go to the store and you find these very nice shoes and try them on but they are too small and they are the only pairs there. So, you tell mum that they are too small. So Mum says  “Lidia ,do you want to try them on?“sure mum” says Lidia, and of course they perfectly fit her.   Then, once we buy them she starts bragging and she starts saying things like” hey Mum, do these shoes look nice on me?” “Sure they do honey”.  But, worst of all they have to say it right in front of me, and it really drives me up the wall. Or, you are all dressed up in your clothes and your sister walks in wearing the  exact same thing as you. Or worse, you and your sister have a fight and your parents always believe your sister because she's younger.  Do people annoy you?  Maybe your friends or maybe some of your family?  There is always someone that is annoying.  It could be your mum or  your dad. Well for me, it is my little sister. 

I was walking downstairs all happ.  I go and ask mum, and I say, “hey mum……  wait! stop! What do i see out of the corner of my eye?  My little sister wearing my top that I wanted to wear.  There I am, sitting in the corner of my room very, very, annoyed and quite angry as well.  In fact, steam was coming out of my ears.  Until mum called out: “kids do you want some juice?”  “Yes Mum”, Lidia and I both say at the same time.  “Ok, says mum “it's sitting on the bench here for you guys”. We run both at the same time. We clutched our hands on the same glass of juice.  And what happens?  It spills everywhere on one of my fanciest and best shirt and I didn't even say she could wear it.  Stop stop stop !!!!  It really drives me to fury.  And this is one of the worst.  I go out to find my scooter. I can’t find find it, so i go onto the street to see if I left it on the street, and I found my scooter.  But there is one reality.  My sister was on it. No no no!  I go and tell mum and she believes Lidia.
All those things ruffle my feathers. 

To all of you people out there with sibling if you be kind to them they will act the same way back.  Let them play with your toys, it won’t harm it. Might even stop them from bothering you all the time.

That’s what I am going to do. After all, I love my sister.  She is one of the best and nicest people I know.

Friday, 8 July 2016


Have you came from a place where  everything is different?  Maybe you have to pack a lunch and go sit down on the cold dump concrete, where at your old school you would have sat at tables and had your lunch taken to you?  Sometimes, new people get welcomed nicely, but some people get prejudged as well.

Prejudice is where you judged  or have an opinion on people, for example if someone is tall people might think they play basketball.  People can judge basically anything. Most people have been judged by how they look , where they used to live, how much money they have and all sorts of things but people don't like to be judged.  Prejudging is not ok because people feel offended and like they don't fit in.

We interviewed many immigrants so we could find some information for what we can do to make immigrants feel more welcome. We found out information about how people felt included when they moved here. I interviewed my dad and this is what happened he arrived in New Zealand: he made friends immediately and they smiled, talked, then those friends of his invited him to their houses, and suddenly they were really good friends. He didn't feel excluded or alienated.

We have been interviewing to see if people have been prejudged. We interviewed Ms K. She was been prejudged because people were asking her where she was from and she would say Iran and those people would move away from her. Some said she must have bombs in her lunchbox and that everyone was going to die. She felt prejudged. When her sister asked for a cup of tea on camp (instead of milo), the adults said no kids can’t have tea only adults.

When we interviewed my dad he gave us some tips on what we can do to make immigrants feel more included:
Start a conversation with them 
Invite for a play 
Tour of the school or around the neighbourhood
Be nice
It is important to include immigrants because that will actually make people feel welcome and know that when they come to New Zealand they will feel included not excluded. In the future people will love coming to New Zealand and it will make them want to stay in New Zealand forever.


Monday, 30 May 2016

321 leap

I feel nervous.   I am shuffling up the tree saying to my sister, Lidia ”I will be fine, right?“
“Of course you will it’s pretty easy,” Lidia says.
“Really,”I reply
“Yes,”she says.
My eyes are riveted to the pool. I hope I won't fail and fall on the concrete.  I continue to shuffle up the tree until I was almost at the top, I am speechless. Is this stable? Am I going to fall?  Lily said “If you fall you will land in the water.” OK, fine. 321.  One step off the tree. AWAY I leaped off the tree, with fear. Then suddenly I landed in the water. I was thinking  about doing it again but I was scared to do it.My  heart was thumping.

There I was again running up the tree with my hands out, trying to balance.  Ahh! I nearly fell, my hands gripped the tree, thinking only a little bit higher then I am at the top. Just focus a bit more then you will get it. Then I was in the middle of the air my teeth were chattering.  I landed boom!. I swam to the end, trying hard to breathe and I hopped out. The shining sun was so hot I felt like I was burning to death. I went back to my table for a nice cold lemonade with extra ,extra ice. 


My reflection

I was learning to add more punctuation, do show not tell,  make it make sense and also write in the present tense because my writing is in the past tense. I think I did well because I worked on all of my comments and now it is finished and I have only got a little bit left. I was going back and checking my punctuation but I missed a few I and so I went back checking that all my punctuation was right, making sure it made sense and some of my words were spelt right. For example I forgot to put speech marks  so I fixed that up and I didn't put a capital letter for a name so I fixed that too. My next step is to think about the punctuation as I go because then I don't have to go back and check where to put the punctuation when I am finished.  

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Term 1 learning

This term I have been learning how about the elements of music.  We have been making soundscapes  based on our poems. I have used body percussion to make a the sounds for example I was rubbing my hands together to make the sound of the grass. I think my soundscape is multistructural because I was deeply thinking about the sound and if that actually sounded right. I asked people “Do you think that sounds like the bees?”

I wrote a poem ‘Where does my heart lie?’ and that place was Kaikoura. I rubbed my hands together to make the sound of grass and to make the sound of flax whacking together in the wind I clapped really lightly. To make the sound of water I was tapping on the table. For the sound of bees I used a box of coins jand I slowly tipped the box up and down.


Where the grass spreads
around me swaying in the wind  
and makes me itchy.
Where the harakeke
waves to me
as I walk  down the gravel path.

Where the bees swim around in the air
buzzing, talking to me
and the bell birds tweet, singing a song .

Where waves in the river
crash against each other,
having a fight.

Where the flowers
lay around me 
making me sneeze.


She smells like all different flowers together in a bunch.
Her caring voice makes petals float  on my heart    

Her kind and friendly smile
brings tears to my eyes.

She acts as if she was a mum for everyone,
When someone is hurt she helps them

Her shiny black curls
dance on her shoulders as she walks         

She is so calm about everything,
she never rushes.

She is always so passionate about
everything she does.   

Her ginormous smile gives me a wonderful feeling
that fills my very being.